Convent of San Domenico

At a height of 364 meters above sea level is located the Convent of San Domenico, attached to the Church of Santa Maria a Castro. The religious complex is a step of the Path of the Gods, especially for those who decide to get on the path starting from Praiano.

To reach the complex you have to face a long staircase that starts from “Capo Vettica” (in the highest area of Praiano), passing through a valley full of olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation with numerous views of the landscape.

From the Convent you can enjoy a stunning view of Vettica di Praiano, Positano, Li Galli and L’Isola di Capri. The unparalleled beauty of the site and its solemn, silent and solitary appearance have made it become an ideal place of worship from the first antropolization.

The large garden surrounding the complex, the remains of an ancient arched entrance and some columns that walk along the perimeter of the area, combined with the rurulous aspect of the Church and the Convent, make this place a perfect marriage between land and heaven, between man and divine.