MODA MARE POSITANO: The birth of a myth

Positano… original and elegant town, whimsical but without excesses, whose beauty is known and appreciated worldwide, just like its Moda Mare!

A fashion that since the ’50s has conquered famous people, locals and tourists, creating a style that blends elegance, exclusivity and a healthy touch of whimsy!

A style, therefore, created in Positano to be worn in Positano, reflecting its nature and its characters.

But now you’re probably wondering, how was born this fashion myth?

Positano was already famous reality in the nineteenth century for weaving jute canvases, locally known by the term “rag” that here women had a habit of dyeing at home with bright colors. And this is the image that appears in the eyes of the English painter John Ruskin, who wrote of Positano girls as sure women with a proud look, with “an oblique handkerchief on the bust of bright color, open corset, short skirts and sandals on the feet. “.

After the Second World War, with the changing of tourism, the vertical city became one of the most desired destinations of the jet set and some seamstresses therefore decided to undertake on the nascent road of “Bikini”, here made in crochet or with pieces of cloth enriched by applications.

Later, they found ourselves responding to the needs of an audience looking for an entire outfit for their beach holidays. An audience consisting of a really wide range of personalities but with a single common goal: to feel unique and original.

This is how the Positano boutiques born, creating what the Milano fashion world would ironically define the “rags of Positano”.

Accompanying the changing of the trends, Positano fashion has broadened its production, creating wide and soft dresses, long skirts in lace, shirts and beach robe, and for the fresh and elegant complete men made in linen. Even the prints have been renewed over time, in particular it must be said that here comes the “dye garment”, that is the method of coloring the clothes that takes place after complete making up.

Today, the Positano fashion collections are realized with colorful “Mediterranean” designs, which, through majolica decorations, lemons and marine elements recall every element linked to the territory.

And if on the one hand the fantasies explode, on the other garments the elegance of the solid color remains, and in particular the timeless elegance of white on long dresses of lace and macramé, often desiderated by future brides wishing to be in perfect positano style for the big day!