The main feature that makes Atrani an absolutely unique place is undoubtedly having maintained over the years the ancient aspect of a fishing village, and remaining intact in its ancient configuration.

 Atrani is the second smallest town in Italy with about 880 inhabitants, conteined in the “Valley of the Dragon” between Mount Civita and Mount Aureo, in what a legend tells was the home of a scary dragging dragon.

Thanks to its particular shape, it appears in the eyes of visitors as a small natural theater: the first houses are located near the beach, rise and then gather around the main square and continue their run to climbing and embellishing the two mountains, how to fill in the walls of a suggestive arena.

Among the sites to visit there is certainly the ancient Church of San Salvatore, located on the main square of Atrani. The characteristic church was, at the time of the Maritime Republics, the Palatine Chapel where the Dogi investiture ceremonies took place.