Maiori is the largest urban center of the Amalfi Coast and enjoys the most extensive beach of the entire coast.

Its origins are uncertain and its foundation is generally attributed to a group of Etruscans who gave it the name “Reghinna Maior”. Subsequently, around the year 1000 AD, it became part of the Principality of Salerno, becoming the real merchant center of the aforementioned State and reaching a high level of wealth thanks to its shipyards. In 1343, a tidal wave almost completely destroyed the city, thus ending its period of splendor.

The town is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy the classic quiet family holiday, but it contains in itself beauties and traditions that make it a unique place. The landscape blends perfectly with the rest of the coast, presenting itself with its delightful white domed houses, its terraces and the crystal blue waters where you can easily admire the enthralling water games of young dolphins.

 The vast beach that has made the place a popular tourist destination and film set of several Rossellini films, is surmounted by an ancient and imposing medieval tower, whose pride is almost ironically facing, in front, a small and pretty beach reached through a narrow natural passage.

Its ancient history, unfortunately, is found in very few places in the territory, such as the Church of Santa Maria a Mare and that of San Francesco, and the other numerous religious structures located in the highest part. Maiori, also boasts the natural beauty of the Sulforea Cave, famous for its healing properties.