Located at the foot of the Lattari Mountains and at the mouth of the river Reginuolo, Minori is the place of the Coast that contains the largest and most praiseworthy sense of Christian devotion, also witnessed by its many churchs.

In Roman times, Minori was a favorite destination of the patricians for the construction of summer residences, so as to give it the name of Reghinna Minoris, (differentiating it from the near and much larger Maiori). For many years the town has been the Episcopal Seat and for this unique area of the coast to keep the bones of a saint: the young martyr Trofimena, patron of the city, whose remains are still kept in the Basilica dedicated.


In addition to the Cathedral, Minori guards other numerous religious structures, which combined with the engaging dedication of the inhabitants, has ensured that its ecclesiastical rites were recognized as assets of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities.

Another great richness is certainly the Roman Archaeological Villa, an ancient villa of which the identity of the old owner is unknown, but from which exudes a great sense of wealth, art, balance and beauty.

Absolutely to try the numerous local desserts and the “nduderi”, a local fresh pasta.