Avvocata Sanctuary

Halfway between the sacred and the profane, this trekking route starts from Maiori and leads to the Marian sanctuary, reached every year by many local pilgrims on the Monday of Pentecost.

The entire walk is accompanied by breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast, until you reach the Sanctuary built on Mount Falerzio, overlooking a rocky wall that could only be destined to a sacred place, for its almost scary solemnity.


Through a staircase it is possible to reach a fascinating cave where the Virgin has appeared in sleep to a peasant, who is calling on the construction of the sanctuary. Along the promenade it is possible to see specimens of peregrine falcon.

An alternative route starts from the Benedictine Abbey of Cava dei Tirreni, a path of longer duration but less difficulty.

Maiori > Monte Falesia6 hours (roundtrip)Medium difficulty
walkingreachable from the center of Maiori;
shuttle serviceby Sita bus from Sorrento (bus stop: Maiori);
private-boattaxi, private tour or car rental