Grotta dello Smeraldo

Several ancient texts hypothesize the presence of a cave near Conca dei Marini, but there is no certain information until 1932, when a local fisherman discovered it existence by chance. Great merit then to the fisherman Luigi Buonocore, who has become a sort of living myth labeled as “discoverer of the cave”.

In this fairytale basin, partly submerged by water, it is accessed via an elevator that starts from the road, either by sea on board of small wooden boats, and this is certainly the most suggestive way to discover this enchantment.

Through imposing columns formed of stalactites and stalagmites that are joined together, walls sculpted by salt and time that create fascinating bas-reliefs, one finds oneself immersed in an emerald basin.

The particular color of the sea is due to an opening under the water that lets the sun’s rays come from outside, creating reflections and plays of light that transform the mirror of water into a carpet of diamonds.

On the ground of the cave a characteristic crib has been cemented with white statues depicting the nativity.

walking reachable from the SS163 with elevator or stairs;
shuttle service by Sita bus from Sorrento and Amalfi (bus stop: Grotta dello Smeraldo);
private-boat (up to the entrance)