Punta Campanella

This strip of land represents the junction point between the gulf of Naples and of Salerno, reachable through a pleasant path that starts from the main square of Termini, the hamlet of Massa Lubrense where ends the Sorrento Peninsula.

On the square there are the indication that lead immediately to the mouth of the path: Via Minerva, in part still with the ancient Roman paving. The vegetation becomes increasingly sparse as you continue along the path, leaving space to the view that gives on the island of Capri.

Then you can see the lighthouse of Punta Campanella and the saracen watchtower, located in the same place where there was once the temple of Minerva, as evidenced by some ruins still visible around the tower.


And it is precisely the tower that gives its name to this fascinating strip of land, suspended in the middle between history and legend: on it there was in fact a bell that was sounded an alarm in the event of an imminent attack by the saracens.

From this place the island of Capri seems almost close, and the Punta seems to want to rejoin it, advancing in the mythological waters. And right under this site, through a hidden descent rather difficult to deal with, you reach the Sirens Grotto.

Termini > Punta Campanella3 hours (roundtrip)Medium difficulty

reachable from the center of Termini;

shuttle serviceby Sita bus from Sorrento (bus stop: Termini);
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