Valle delle Ferriere

The path of the Valle delle Ferriere is a path of the Monti Lattari, easily reachable from the center of Amalfi with about an hour’s walk. The path is of scarce difficulty, a real walk of about 3 hours between ferns, streams and waterfalls.

It takes its name from the medieval ironworks that supplied the Maritime Republic of Amalfi and of which today it is still possible to see the ruins. In the lower part instead, at the entrance of the path, there are some water mills used for the production of the precious Amalfi Charter.

Once you have entered the path, you find yourself in a place that is halfway between an enchanted fairy tale and a jump in prehistory: you walk next to a stream and going up along it the show becomes more and more exciting. 

The mantle of green that surrounds the path, occasionally opens up and gives way to small oases of crystalline water, lagoon created by the waterfalls that host tadpoles, frogs and the characteristic dappled salamander.

The route ends with the largest waterfall, but for real enthusiasts there is an alternative route, which leads to the Integral Reserve. Here, in addition to the waterfalls that reaches the peak of its beauty, survive thanks to the particular microclimate an ancient species of fern of pre-glacial age.

For those who prefer to face the route on downhill, the other entrance is located in Pontone, not far from the square of this hamlet of Scala (reachable with the Sita buses).

 Amalfi > Pontone 3 hours (roundtrip)Easy difficulty
walking– reachable from the center of Amalfi, Piazza Flavio Gioia (about 1 hour);
– reachable from the center of Pontone, main square (about 1 hour);
shuttle service– by Sita bus from Sorrento (bus stop: Amalfi);
– by Sita bus from Amalfi to Scala-Ravello (bus stop: Pontone).
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