Duoglio beach

More suitable for young people and sports, the Duoglio Beach is located a few km before Amalfi (coming from Positano) in the hamlet of Lone, and can be reached from the SS 163 by a long climb of 400 steps.

Alternatively, from the Amalfi pier it is possible to take a paid shuttle which, with a frequency of about 30 minutes, leads to all the hidden beaches of the coastal “capital”.

On the beach there is a free zone and two bathouses with attached restaurants, from which it is possible to rent water sports equipment.

walkingaccessible by stairs that starts from the SS 163, in the fraction of Lone (about 400 steps)
shuttle serviceby Sita bus from Sorrento and Amalfi ( Bus stop: Lone) [timetables]
private-boatshuttle from Amalfi port
private-boatprivate boat or boat rental