La Gavitella Beach

Gavitella Beach, for its particular position, offers an incomparable view that goes from Positano to Punta Campanella, from the Li Galli archipelago to the island of Capri; a view that reaches the peak of its beauty at sunset.

Its particular exposure, in fact, allow guests of the Gavitella can enjoy up to the last solar ray, a truly rare feature on the Amalfi Coast.

The beach is accessible by a long staircase, tiring but made evocative by the many views on the landscape, or by private shuttle.

walking accessible by stairs that starts near the Piazza San Gennaro (about 400 steps);
shuttle service – by Sita bus from Sorrento and Amalfi (bus stop: Piazza San Gennaro) [timetables]; – by Mobility Amalfi Coast bus from Praiano and Positano (bus stop: Piazza San Gennaro) [timetables].
free shuttle free shuttle from Marina di Praia for those who book sunbed and umbrella at private beach;
private-boat private boat or boat rental;