Furore Fjord

Naturalistic beauty typical of northern Europe, the Fiord of Furore stands along the highway between Praiano and Amalfi, striking the eyes of the traveler with its indisputable charm.

It is precisely this fissure in the rock that gives the name at the town: it has been called “terra furoris”, meaning “land of fury”, cause of the deafening sound of the waves that crash on the cliffs walls.

The small pebble beach of Furore is enclosed in the slit, surmounted by the “monazzeni”, old and characteristic fishermen’s houses. Furore, with its unique and wild beauty, has been chosen numerous times as a film set and television spots, among many others has seen the birth of love between Rossellini and Anna Magnani. On the first Sunday of July the fjord transforms: the romanticism of the place gives way to sport becoming a stage of the “Mar Meeting”, World Championship of Diving from great heights.
shuttle service

reachable from the street with stairs (it is not possible to park near the fjord);

shuttle serviceby Sita bus from Sorrento and Amalfi ( bus stop: Furore Fjord ) [timetables]
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