27 June, 30 NovemberAmalfi’s Cathedral

The Patron Saint is celebrated twice in Amalfi. June 27th and November 30th with a procession, Holy Mass and Fireworks.

The celebration of June 27th was held to commemorate the miracle of 1554 when, as the legend tells, a storm destroyed the Saracen fleet that wanted to conquer the city. On this occasion the procession ends with a characteristic run with the Sant’Andrea’s statue for the stairs of the Cathedral.


every 4 yearsFrom Vettica to Amalfi

It is a rowing race that is held to commemorate the four Maritime Republics: Pisa, Venice, Amalfi and Genoa. The event established in 1956 is held annually in one of these cities.

The race takes place on a path of 2000 meters with galleons built on the models of the 12th century.


31th August, 1st SeptemberAmalfi,

Capodanno Bizantino is a historical-cultural event created by Giuseppe Gargano at the beginning of the 80s.

This event celebrates the beginning of the new year according to the Byzantine calendar.
On August 31st the “Byzantine Palio” will be held in Amalfi, where will take place the parade with medieval costumes.

On 1 September, on the other hand, the new Duke is appointed to Atrani, which consists in the recognition given to a citizen of important amalfi in sectors that are relevant at national or international level.