Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone was an ancient and ample possession of the Acconciagioco family.

In 1904, the then simple farmhouse, passed into the hands of the English lord Beckett who, with the help of a tailor Nicola Mansi from Ravello, was able to build this construction of incomparable beauty: the perfect combination of ethnic elements and local culture, including exotic and historical artifacts, styles and eras.
What leaves one breathless is certainly the garden, dotted with elegant statues and small temples, fountains and natural caves, and the belvedere enriched by marble busts, overlooking a panorama of undeniable charm defined by Vidal as “the most beautiful in the world“.

Villa Rufolo

Villa Rufolo belonged over the years to numerous and powerful families, the Rufolo above all.

The Villa is a mansion built on three floors, including a chapel and a lounge-dining area that is particularly interesting because of its numerous columns. Inside we find the characteristic Moorish cloister, characterized by an arcade of pointed arches and arabesque decorations; and the garden, whose beauty has enchanted and captured a large number of artists. In this regard, Richard Wagner must be mentioned; in his work Parsifal, he perfectly recreated the garden’s image even before visiting it.